About me

Daydreaming of financial independence/early retirement

Daydreaming of financial independence/early retirement


Hi! I’m Ms. Frugalette, a 45 year old single mom of a teen-aged daughter living in New England. I’m also a middle manager in the accounting department of a publicly-traded company where I’ve worked for almost 20 years. I’ve dabbled in frugal living at various times in my life but I really let lifestyle inflation get the best of me as I tried to provide a life for me and my daughter.



I’ve decided to get serious about pursuing FIRE (financial independence/retire early) because I’ve spent too much of my life working at a career I’ve never really loved. I have interests and hobbies that I’d love to have more time to pursue.

I have some savings currently but also some really dumb debt that I’m going to work on paying down. I also have some really bad spending habits that I need to break. A lot of the frugality/FIRE blogs that are popular, of course, are people who have been living frugally for a while and make it seem almost easy. I’m using this blog to chart my struggles down this path.



Here on this blog. On my travels and in my home and at work.



Starting now. I have current projections that show I could probably retire in ten years with a little tweaking. I’d like to see if I can shrink that period of time. Five years would be awesome.



I hope to build a community of likeminded Frugalettes so we can inspire and motivate each other.



My current focus will be on shrinking my discretionary expenses as much as possible. Long term, I’ll reconsider my living situation and whether there is anything I can do to shrink my mortgage obligations.